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Vinyl Windows Painting

Painting vinyl windows allows you to customize your windows to match the facade color or dress your windows up to newly installed or painted house exterior.

Vinyl Windows Painting.jpeg

How to paint vinyl windows

Prior painting windows all the surface need to be cleaned properly and preapred in order for paint to adhere well.


Our team makes sure that vinyl surface is properly washed, cleaned and prepared for painting.

For Vinyl windows we use paint product which are safe for vinyl and can paint windows in any color of your choice.

All windows are sprayed using airless spray machine for fine finishing.

Windows Paint Products 

Paint that we use for windows incorporates the most advanced heat reflective pigments available, these minimize the heat gain effects experienced by exposure to the sun. The use of our coatings can reduce the temperature of the surface by as much as 25°F when compared to standard pigment technologies. Contact our team to know more.

Windows Painting.jpeg
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