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Interior Painting Services

Residential commercial Interior Painting

Interior Painting Services

Our painting business is all about helping our customers gain a better working experience with their contractors, Get Paint will work with you every step of the way.  Our team works fast and fair to offer you the best painting services you deserve

Wall Paper Installation

Wall Paper Services

Wallpaper is a material used in interior decoration to decorate the interior walls of domestic and public buildings.

Wallpaper is durable, and can last over 15 years making it very cost effective.

When wallpaper has been hung properly it can last three times longer than paint.

If you have imperfect walls, high quality wallpaper can hide surface imperfections.

Get Color Consultation for right color selection

Decor and Color Consultation 

Create an interior or exterior space that reflects your vision and personality.
Blend artistic style with day-to-day functionality, Select materials such as flooring, fabrics and wallcoverings
Create a colour flow to achieve a harmonious atmosphere throughout your home

Kitchen Cabinets Painting

Kitchen Cabinet Painting 

Cabinet painting gives homeowners a durable, long-lasting product at half of the cost of buying new! In 8-10 years you might be selling your house, or you might want to change your cabinets again, so if you don’t need new cabinets, consider cabinet painting for a quick makeover. 

Pop Corn Removal

Ceiling Pop Corn / Stucco Removal

Popcorn ceilings have many names – from textured and stucco to cottage cheese


Popcorn ceiling is an outdated style of ceiling treatment that can lower a home’s value because most buyers and renters prefer not having it.

Popcorn ceiling removal will improve the home’s air quality because it will be easier to clean the ceiling and fewer particles will accumulate.

Exterior Painting Services

Brick Staining

Brick Staining 

You can stain your brick surfaces for a new, fresh look.


Get Paint uses quality stain products from Permatint and Sherwin Williams. 

Stucco Painting

Stucco Painting

Increase curb appeal of your house by changing house exterior stucco color, for which we use elastomeric paint for long lasting and durability  

Exterior Siding Painting

Aluminum and Vinyl Siding Painting

Painting siding is less expensive than replacing it, refresh your house with newer look by changing siding color and increase your house value and curb appeal.

For Vinyl siding we use vinyl safe product that doesn't wrap siding.

Vinyl Windows Painting

Wooden & Vinyl Windows Painting

Looking to change windows color? Our team can help by changing colors of your vinyl or wooden or aluminum windows. For vinyl windows we use right paint that doesn't wrap regardless of color shade picked.

Soffits Painting

Soffits Eaves Downspout Painting

Do you know you can repaint your soffits, eavesdrop, downspout at fraction of replacement cost.

Floor Epoxy and Garage / Workshop Storage Solutions by Get Epoxy

Epoxy Flooring

Floor Epoxy Coating 

Epoxy flooring is the perfect solution for floors that must withstand extreme temperatures, foot and machine traffic, chemicals, oil, and other fluids without peeling or corroding over years of constant use. Food processing, electronics, pharmaceutical, meat and poultry, distilleries, dairy, industrial, and manufacturing facilities are just some of the industries for which epoxy flooring is the perfect solution

Slatwall Storage Organisation

Garage and workshop wall storage

Looking to organize your work space, our team installs Slatwall, Pegboard and similar panels to add storage capacity.


Custom Garage Shelving and Cabinets

Get your self cabinets to hide out tools and equipment. 

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